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May 14, 2017

Clinique Happy Perfume

clinique happy perfume

Summer is coming which means it is the perfect time to refresh my choice of everyday fragrance. Clinique Happy has been a staple fragrance of mine for many years now and there are plenty of reasons why I love going back to this scent over and over!

The Scent

Citrusy-fresh is what comes to mind every time I wear this scent. It’s light, yet vibrant making it great for those warmer summer day and nights. This is the kind of perfume that lingers on your skin all day long and it smells even better the longer you wear it – I never really need to spray again during the day. The scent also has a mix of floral notes: Hawaiian wedding flower and spring mimosa, all of which are perfectly combined in this summery bottle of fruits, flowers and sunshine.

clinique happy box

clinique happy bottle


Needless to say, this scent is a spritz of vibrant citrusy freshness which makes it such a classic scent of the summer. For me, the scent goes way beyond the fragrance as not only does it keep me feeling fresh all day long, it also makes me feel a lot more chirpy and upbeat a s I go about my daily hustle. It is literally happiness in a bottle.

clinique happy travelling

I’ve recently been doing a bit of life reflection lately as I feel it’s important to remind yourself of all the things to be grateful for and feel happy about. In the world we live in today, it’s so easy to get wrapped up and get carried away with negativity, so to consciously remind yourself of reasons to be happy is a habit well-worth getting into.

For me, travelling is something that has really made me happy over the past few years. I love exploring and learning about many different cultures, meeting amazing people, as well as seeing the many reasons why it’s such a beautiful place that we live in. Travel is a quickly becoming a passion of mine and this is something I’d love to pursue more and more in the near future.

What about you, what makes you happy? 🙂

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