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September 9, 2017

Monochrome Quirks

light balls

Autumn is my favourite season of the year. I love that the weather is not too hot and not too cold either, it’s just right. Love the change up that happens in my my choice of style when this season comes rolling in, so I thought I’d do a piece on the classic monochrome trend that never fades in style from year to year.

Monochrome Inspo

Whenever I think of monochrome, I think of city lights and a night of fun and play all night long with my favourite people. Having spent a significant time of my life so far studying, living and now working in London has made me really fall in love with city life. I love being in places where I get to see many facets of cultures, personalities and lifestyles. I feel like the more I see, the more I’m making my waking moments so worthwhile.

Iceberg Fashion

I recently came across Gilmar, a super quirky brand from Italy. Their Iceberg womenswear range is incredible, I love the pop art feel to some of their pieces with a vibrant splash of colour that is sure to make heads turn. It’s a millennial’s ultimate collection of luxury fashion infused with high-end sportswear and I like it….I like it a lot.

I super love this black midi WOW dress which I would totally pair up with their Iceberg fringe bag. This is the perfect combo for that day of errands in the city. Chic, quirky yet comfortable for a busy day. I would definitely love to rock this outfit with super relaxed beach wave hair parted in the middle with a fresh-faced look using mega minimal makeup and a pop of bright red lippie.

monochrome fashion iceberg

I adore this combo for more of a night out in town kind of ensemble. I super love the white skirt that adds a splash of colour into the outfit. The sparkles on the bag adds a nice playful touch to the whole outfit. I can imagine this outfit worn with a sleek updo and smokey eyes.

This may not be a popular opinion but I actually really love the colder months rather than Summer, crazy right?! So I am a taaad bit more inspired to get dolled up nowadays since new season usually means a new and very valid excuse to refresh my wardrobe.

What’s your favourite Autumn/Winter trend?

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