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April 4, 2018

Fun In The Sun At Camayan Beach Resort, Philippines

camayan beach resort

One of the things that I love about going home is being able to go to the BEACH! So when my family and I went to Camayan Beach Resort in Subic, we literally had the time of our lives. Ain’t nothing better than spending quality time with the fam and soaking up that good good vitamin D under the Sun.

There truly is no place like home. Luckily for me, I have two places that I get to call ‘home’, life here in England where I have been living for most of my life thus far and then the place of my roots, the Philippines. I’ve mentioned this in past posts but I was born in the Philippines and moved to the UK when I was around seven years old. I am so excited to start my Philippines travel series here with you as I’d love to share all the beauty that there is in the place I’ve come from which will helpfully inspire you to go and explore it one day too.

The Resort

Kicking off at one of the loveliest Subic beach resorts that I have ever come across, Camayan Beach Resort was just calling my name as I was doing my research on where to take the fam for my one-week vacation in the Philippines in time for my grandad’s 80th birthday.

This beautiful Subic resort was about a three to four hour drive from my grandparents’ house which was where we were staying. We rented out a huge family van which made our road trip so fun because everyone was in the same car. There were eleven of us travelling in total including our super lovely driver, Kuya J. If you are travelling in a big group of a similar size, I would definitely recommend renting out a huge van rather than renting two separate ones so that everyone is together, which means more peeps, more laughter and more memory making.

camayan beach resort sand castle

Now when we reached our sunny destination, ahhh * insert heart eyes * what a little piece of paradise it was. The resort itself is nestled in a quiet outer bay where the rainforest gently meets with the white sandy beaches of this gorgeous resort. I’ll talk more about the beach in a second but it literally does not take long at all for you to feel like you’ve stepped into your home away from home. This little gem of a place is perfect for everyone, whether it’d be for a fun-packed family outing, a romantic getaway with your special somebody or for a dose of water sports action under the Sun.

Love You To The Beach And Back

We got to Camayan at around 9am (yes we left my grandparents’ house at 5 am!). We arrived way too early for check-in which wasn’t till 2pm but it was absolutely fine because we were already beach-ready with our swimming suits worn under our clothes and our sun protection sprays at the ready. It was super hot so we were excited to head straight to the beach, which we immediately got given access to upon arrival.

camayan beach

Beautiful right?! But wait till you see whats under the crystal clear water – fishes. I’ve not seen anything quite like it before. Not the fishes (ofc) but I mean being able to go to a swimmable beach and be close enough to see fishes swimming around freely. They would obviously swim away from where there were people around but there is a little area that’s sectioned off where we we couldn’t swim in and this is where a lot of the fishes were outchea chilling with the rest of the beach goers.

My words are not giving this enough justice so I’m just going to go ahead and insert a clip of our little aquatic swimming buddies below:


How insanely cool is that? So fun, especially for sillyheads like myself who doesn’t actually know how to swim, which means activities like snorkeling do not usually make it into my itinerary of water activities 😀

ocean view resort

Now at the beach, you can actually rent out a BBQ, so we went and prepared some seasoned liempo (pork) and Tender Juicy Hotdogs (if ya know, ya know) the night before, so we can do a beach lunch FEAST.

camayan resort subic

Man oh man, that BBQ was several levels of delish and right after we finished eating our lunch, our rooms were ready so we were able to check in. But wait, one more thing about the beach is that you can also rent out these mega cute beach huts, I meannnnn <3 What a spot hey, this was great for the ‘gram y’all. So much greenery.

camayan resort beach hut

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better than this, we relocated to the resort’s pool after spending about five hours straight at the beach under the sun (and mind you, my nose got sunburnt AF after this…as you’ll see in my travel vlog for this trip lol) and ugh, more lushness ensued.

camayan resort pool

You’ll hear me go on about this time and time again, but forreal palm trees really give me this warm and tropical fuzzy feeling inside. Surely I can’t be the only person in the world who has an obsession with being surrounded by palm trees?

Our Little Beach Pad

Come 3-4pm(ish) on day 1 of our stay at Camayan resort and we are all set to check in. We rented two superior rooms which comfortably fit all of us in.

camayan resort superior room

How Filipino is our ceiling fan as well? So cute, although let me tell you right now our rooms were cool enough already as all rooms have really good air conditioning. But the ceiling fan was still cute for decor nonetheless, it definitely got me feeling all nostalgic remembering how may buildings had these bad boys back in the days as the main source of air. The struggle was real and very hot.

camayan resort ceiling fan

Then We All Fell Asleep…

So…funny story. Our first day at the resort was actually the birthday eve of my uncle, so once we had all checked in and showered, we had some major plans to head out and enjoy the beach bar so we can ring in my uncle’s birthday there and then, like what cool families do. But NOPE, we all started going down, one by one. We fell asleep at around 7pm, yesss that early, we were that tired from such an action-packed day. I seriously knocked out and when I finally returned to my senses a few hours later, our room was pitch black – I was hella confused and more importantly, very hungry. Time check? 11pm.

I started waking everyone up as we still had an hour to ring in my uncle’s birthday as planned, plus I was hungry AF, we totally skipped dinner. We were low key nervous that there wouldn’t be any places left open to serve us proper meals because it was getting really late, so my dad and I went for a wander to the hotel reception and guess what was open for 24 hours? Camayan Resort’s ‘The Reef Restaurant’ and ‘The Sandbar’. HAPPY FREAKIN’ DAYS! Delicious food and drinks served all night long, perfect. Just what we needed.

the sandbar and games room

It’s CHOW Time

Here we all are, freshly woke, happy and eager to get our late night carbs on.

the family at camayan resort

Safe to say, we were all so impressed with their pancit. Super tasty and filling with each plate served with garlic bread. In Philippine tradition, eating long noodle-based dishes is a must for every birthday celebration as it symbolises long life.

pancit at camayan resort

We literally had the whole place to ourselves.

the reef restaurant at night

beach bar at camayan

They were playing really good tunes all night long, despite the fact that it was just our family chilling by the beach terrace of the bar. VIP treatment or what.

sandbar at night

The Morning After

We were #TeamNoSleep y’all. Apart from my grandma and one of my cousins, everyone pretty much stayed up all night long and well into the morning. We took a quick power nap from around 6am to 7:30am then, BAM! it was time to hit the breakfast buffet.

Breakfast + Beach + Sun = Bliss

family breakfast at camayan resort

We then went for another dip in the water and tried kayaking. I personally didn’t end up doing it with the guys as I got a bit hesitant to be under the Sun for long as I was super sunburnt from the day before, especially on my nose. I know, party pooper right?

kayaking at camayan resort

camayan resort water sports

Is it just me or does this kayak’s name remind you of teriyaki? Dang, I’m hungry again.

kayaking in subic

These cuties.

family at the camayan beach

There is so much you can do here, from snorkeling in the reef and kayaking in the mangroves to deep diving and cruising around Subic Bay. You can even enjoy more indoor based activities such as karaoke (every Filipino’s favourite party activity) or even escaping to the spa for that place of zen after a packed day under the Sun.

You might even find some of these guys on the side of the road, chillin’ and saying hey.

monkey in subic

All in all, we had a wonderful time at Camayan Beach Resort and we will certainly consider going back there in the future. I’d say a nice and long 4-day weekend would be perfect to spend in a resort like this. It’s very peaceful yet packed with so many activities that you can enjoy with both friends and family.

I don’t think the resort is particularly expensive either, I think for an overnight stay and for a family of 10 with a complimentary breakfast buffet in the morning, I spent less than £250 in total via Expedia. I mean, I have definitely seen way pricier resorts but as you guys are now all witnesses to how stunning this resort is, it is worth every penny.

Who else loves beachy holidays like me? I’d love to hear about your favourite beach holidays for some well-needed travel inspo.

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