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November 26, 2017

Dreamin’ Of Bali

I know, I know; I’m always thinking about far too many destinations for my budget or time to allow, but I can’t help it. Not least when there are places like Bali waiting to be explored.

Given that I do miss several aspects of living in the Philippines, the chance to visit any country with an Asian flavour is always welcome in my eyes. However, the Indonesian island is undoubtedly a hotspot that’s sure to please everyone. So, while I’m unable to book a trip of my own anytime soon, I thought I’d post some information for you guys to enjoy.

 And let’s face it; I’ll probably use these tips to plan my own trip at some stage next year too.

go to site The Essentials
Before booking your Indonesian adventure, it’s important to appreciate the basics. Here are three things you must know:

  1. If staying for up to 30 days, a tourist visa can be granted on arrival for US $25. If staying for up to 60 days, you must complete an application to gain the permit before departure. Breaking those visa limits can be punishable by imprisonment.
  2. Bali has a population of around 4.5 million, which is 95% Hindu. The language is Indonesian, although some people can speak English too. The currency is the Indonesian Rupiah, with around 18,000 to the £.
  3. Most people fly into Ngurah Rai airport, also known as Bali airport or Denpasar airport. As well as international arrivals, it handles domestic ones. So, you could visit some of the other big Indonesian islands too.

enter site How To Maximise The Fun
Bali can be one of the greatest holidays of your life, not least because it has a huge range of things to see and do in a relatively small place. Given that your time is limited, however, you’ll want to make the most of it. Here’s how:

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  1. Book through a professional operator. A solo holiday package in Bali allows you to explore the major attractions in style. Better still, it’ll be without the stress of trying to organise things yourself. Not only does this overcome the threat of missing activities, but it enables you to fully relax.
  2. Make sure you see at least one sunrise in Bali. While the scenery is beautiful at all times, the backdrops of trees, beach, and the Bali sea come to life at this time of the day. With the wildlife chirping too, this is the ultimate sense of luxury.   
  3. Pack the essential luxuries you may need. Bali is far from primitive and is accommodating for the tourism trade. However, it won’t have all the luxuries that you want. From skin protection to travel adapters, it’s better to have them now rather than spend hours looking for them once you’ve arrived.

buy me a rose lyrics Final Thoughts
If you know anyone that has visited Bali, they’ll tell you how amazing their holiday was. With the option to extend the trip by incorporating some of the other islands too, there’s no doubt it is a bucket list destination for everyone. Myself included.

I’m already excited before I’ve booked.

Source | Small gestures make a big difference to your stay.

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