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April 30, 2017

Dreamin’ of Giglio

giglio, italy

With summer just around the corner, I can’t help but dream about where my next destination is going to be. All I know is I would love lots of sunshine and scenic surroundings where I can just switch off, sit back and relax.

I’ve been exploring Europe as much as I can over the past couple of years and looking back, I seem to have a soft spot for the beautiful Italy. It was love at first sight when I visited Rome a while back and then again to Venice in 2014, so it looks like I’m due another Italian adventure very soon!

So after browsing around, I came across this quaint little hidden gem of an island, located off the coast of Italy called Isola Del Giglio, also known as Giglio island. The more I’m seeing pictures of this island the more excited I am to start arranging a lovely long weekend escapade later in the summer and I am super pumped!

As we’re slowly heading into the season of sun, sea and sand, I thought I’d share a few pearls of wisdom on how to efficiently organise a trip to avoid that last minute rush which could potentially be unnecessarily stressful. I mean, who wants to stress about this stuff? Holiday planning should be fun and exciting!

Here are my top 5 travel trips when planning to go on vacation:

  1. Create a list – I am huge fan of lists because I like seeing what I have to do and be able to tick things off as I go along. Also, they help minimise missing out on any of the small but important details
  2. Plan a rough itinerary – For me personally, I prefer a relaxed kind of vibe when I’m travelling. When the day-to-day itinerary is too planned, it doesn’t feel as chill as I’d like it to be. However, saying that, I still appreciate having a rough idea of the things / places I want to see so that I can prioritise accordingly and fit the main highlights within the duration of the trip
  3. Budget – Using my rough itinerary, I would have a quick look at how much food / drinks / activities will cost me while I’m out travelling and then decide how much money I will bring with me. Bringing enough cash is better than having to use your debit card which will have additional fees added on top
  4. Documents folder – the last thing you need is losing or scrambling through important bits of documentation that you need for travelling, especially things like your passport / visa documentation. So make sure you put all your documentation and passport in safe and secure folder tucked away in your handbag. Also, bring a pen at all times.
  5. Transport – It is easy to just focus on sorting out flights and then calling it a day once that’s been booked. But one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is arranging transport to get from house to airport, airport to hotel and vice versa. I know that I’ll be needing to arrange a ferry to Giglio so that’s something I will need to get booked prior to flying out in the summer. Traghetti per Giglio would be a great platform for me to see all the ferry shipping times and prices so I can find the perfect combination to suit my travel schedule once I get there.

My favourite part of the process is definitely coming up with a rough list of the things I want to do when I’m out there. I do this by generally browsing online, looking at social media photos and from time to time, I like to watch travel vlogs too to get ideas. For Giglio, I came across Traghetti’s magazine and found the perfect list of activities for a long weekend stay and here it is:

things to do in giglio

Has anyone ever been to Giglio before? If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences and any travel trips you have! I am so excited and I hope I can visit this island very soon.

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