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September 4, 2017

Dreamin’ of Sicily


Now that the new wintry season is upon us, I am looking to get me a little dose of wintry sunshine booked in so I have something to look forward to in the coming months. One of the most beautiful places that I have on my travel wish list is Sicily.

Top 3 things I want to do in Sicily

  1. Ancient Theatre of Taormina

    This gorgeous horseshoe-shaped theatre is the second largest in Sicily (a close second to Syracuse). The theatre is built on such a prime and stunning location in Taormina, placed perfectly between the sea and the sky. To top it all off, Mt Etna can be seen as the beautiful backdrop to the theatre, around about the southern horizon.

    taormina greek theatre(Source)

  2. Scala dei Turchi

    Okay now this is truly a wonder of its own. How stunning is this landscape?! Scala dei Turchi is found along the coast of southern Sicily in Realmonte, Agrigento. The incredible ‘stairs’ formation found here is made of eroded Marl, silt and clay which are very similar to calcite and limestone. I would absolutely love to hike down its sandy trails as I think these lead to a beach where people get covered in Marl, believed to leave skin glowing along with other skin benefits – winning! I am sold. Climbing right to the top will give you a breathtaking sunset on the Mediterranean Sea.

    Scala Dei Turchi(Source)

  3. Zingaro Nature Reserve

    I love going on long walks whenever I visit a new place so Zingaro Nature Reserve is perfect for scenic walking paths with cliffs that overlooks the sea. There are also little bays where you can go and take a dip and just relax all day long. The reserve is also thought to have a rich fauna and boasts a beautifully diverse species of plants. Now I don’t know about you guys but this paints a pretty stunning walking trail to me, how serene would all of that look while taking a leisurely stroll down the coastal trail!? Apparently the coastal route (which is the most popular amongst tourists) takes around 2 hours to complete, one way. Not bad, think I can just about manage that and with all that scenery I’d be way too distracted anyway admiring the and soaking in the views.

    zingaro reserve(Source)

Ready, get set, SAIL!

Island hopping is one of my most loved activities whenever I go on holiday anywhere in the world. Most of the time, I do try and arrange how to get from A to B to C well in advance so I don’t have to stress about it too much especially when I get there. I’d rather research properly and make sure that I have the best price when making all these travel arrangements. So after browsing around, I’ve discovered that you can get a ferry to Sicily by using Traghetti per Sicilia. The booking system on there seems very simple and intuitive which is great for hassle-free booking.

Ahhh I am so excited and I really hope I can book a trip to Italy some time soon. Especially now that the wintry season is just a few months away, a mini escapade to some Winter Sun is a must. Have you got any holiday plans for the remaining months of the year?

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