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January 21, 2017

Lake District

walking trail in lake district

There’s always something extra fun when travelling with friends and I must say, our getaway to the Lake District was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on.

group of friends

lake windermere

Lake Distract is in Cumbria, Northwest England. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in England, loved for its breathtaking lakes, beautiful mountains and historical sites. For bases of exploration, Kendal, Ambleside and Keswick are three market towns that come to mind.


For our trip, we stayed in a huge farm house in Kendal which we booked through Hoseasons. They were amazing at finding a good place for us, especially since there were 10 of us in the group! Huge group booking is never easy, but the wonderful team at Hoseasons were efficient at finding the most perfect accommodation that fits all of us in comfortably. And when I say comfortably, my good gosh – it was HUGE! We had five bedrooms (3 of which were ensuite), a large bathroom, a conservatory overlooking an endless landscape of fields (and lots of sheep) and most importantly a huge kitchen where we spent most of our time in since we all LOVE to EAT. Food is life y’all.

farm house

lake district home backyard


Seroquel by mail Kendal

We stayed in Lake District for four days and although we were excited to explore as much of it as possible, we only managed to just about scratch the surface as we also wanted to have quite a laidback period of just chillin’ and relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As we were closest to Kendal, we looked up lots of walking trails and explored the town we were in.

group of friends

kendal greenery

hiking trail in kendal

walking through river

buy Pregabalin in usa Lake Windermere

For me personally, this was the highlight of our trip. Lake Windermere is probably one of the prettiest lakes I’ve ever been to. It’s absolutely gorgeous. We took a cruise around the entire perimeter of the area and it’s totally worth it.

This beautiful lake is encased by mountain peaks and pretty villages all around. I think the next time we visit Lake District in the future, we’ll definitely spend a bit longer exploring this area as it was just so stunning.

lake windermere cruise

lake windermere yachts

kaye in windermere

Stock Ghyll Force Falls

Force Falls Oh boy was this was a really good trek too! So worth it. It’s a reasonably short walk from Ambleside so it’s not too hard to get to it at all. Stock Ghyll Force Falls is a 70 ft waterfall and during Spring time, the area below the trees surrounding it becomes a sea of daffodils.
walking trail in lake district

Photo credit: Paolopedia

hiking in lake district

lake district scenery

friends in lake district

route to the falls

lake district trail to falls

enroute to the falls

Stock Ghyll Force Falls

Amazing time

If you’re a nature lover and enjoy going for long walks on scenic trails, I definitely recommend going to a place like Lake District. My friends and I had an amazing time and went back home to London with lots of stories that we’ll be reminiscing over and over again.



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