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September 22, 2017

Travel Ideas: Bays In The UK

colwyn bay

When it comes to travel, there’s so much scope for places to visit around the world. With the entire globe before you, many Brits find themselves thinking that there’s little point in staying at home. That’s a real shame, as there’s outstanding beauty in the British Isles — if you know where to look for it.

Thanks to its existence as an island, some of the most stunning British scenery tends to come from the coasts. In particular, the bays. If you’re in need of convincing, then these choices could ensure that deciding on a staycation is the best decision you’ve ever made.

Colwyn Bay

Located on the northern coast of Wales, Colwyn Bay is — quite simply — one of the most magnificent beauty spots in the UK. The bay itself is thriving with interest, with water skiing, wind gliding, and pleasure boating available throughout the year.

It’s not just the bay itself that should bring you to Colwyn either. Only a short car ride away, you’ll find Conwy Castle; a stunning historical building in outstanding condition, and well worth the trip all by itself. If you want to add an extra dimension to your trip, Snowdonia National Park is within a half hour drive.


Swansea Bay



Okay, so promise, this entire article isn’t dedicated to Wales — but there’s no denying the principality has some of the most delightful bays in the country. This time on the southern coast, Swansea Bay is a beautiful delight on the Gower peninsula. As well as enjoying the bay itself, there’s Oystermouth Castle to explore, as well as the Whiteford Lighthouse and Nature Reserve to explore.

There’s plenty of places to stay in and around Swansea Bay. Rather predictably, Swansea (the city) can be one of the best places to base yourself. To ensure your break is vibrant with different activities, you can find things to do in Swansea when the weather isn’t suited to enjoying the bay itself, ensuring there’s no risk of getting bored. Other options for major tourism spots on Swansea Bay include Mumbles and Port Talbot.

Morecambe Bay

morecambe bay










Venturing to the northwest of England now for Morecambe Bay, the largest estuary in northern England. The bay itself is beautiful, with hundreds of cottages dotted around the perimeter all demanding your tourist attention. The large mudflats and sand make for some of the most challenging and exciting walks that you will find in the UK — providing you visit at low tide!

By far the biggest selling point of Morecambe Bay is its proximity to the Lake District. Base yourself in Morecambe so you can enjoy sunrise over the sea, then visit the Lakes — a short car ride away — to drink in the beautiful scenery and engage in various activities. While you will need your own transport, there’s no denying the fact that the Morecambe Bay / Lake District combination makes for an amazing holiday.

So do you think you might be tempted to stay in the UK for your next holiday?

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